Reverend Deborah was absolutely PERFECT!!! Fate brought her to us to officiate our wedding and we were truly blessed. From our first meeting it was like she had known us all our lives, completely in touch with who we are individually as well as as a couple. Our ceremony was completely unique to us and filled with just as much humor as sentiment.
Not only were we amazed by our ceremony but all our guests commented on how beautiful it was and stated that it was the BEST ceremony they had ever been to. (We agree!)
My husband and I LOVE Reverend Deborah and are truly grateful for everything she did for us! All the emails, texts and phone calls made us feel like we were talking with our closest family and someone who knew and loved us. She made sure everything was perfect for us. She is so prompt and thorough, along with her genuine kindness and passion for what she does.
We could not have asked for anyone better for our most special day and will recommend her to everyone we meet!

Danielle and Rick

Reverend Deborah gave us the perfect gift for our wedding — the perfect ceremony! Her carefully chosen words, anecdotes and heart-warming thoughts made us all laugh, cry, and love every second of the ceremony. We appreciate all of the time spent on designing a day just for us. She helped us create memories that are both inspirational and meaningful and will last a lifetime.

Holly and Jeremy Straub

Rev. Dr. Deborah Darlington preaches from the heart with great passion, inspiration and knowledge. She has a captivating presence that reaches a diverse audience. She has preached several times at our community Lenten services and numerous times at Lansdale United Methodist Church, my present church, with messages that engage the congregation. Dr. Darlington has also recently held an extensive workshop series on Team Building and Visioning for over 30 of our church's principle leaders. Her motivating, humorous and authentic style of presenting information and helping us process it has moved our congregation from committees doing their “own thing” to teams working towards “common goals.” Our leaders now understand the need, urgency and process of change through her incredible gift of inspiring transformation. She is awesome, relevant, and contagious. I recommend her for preaching, teaching, and training in any spiritual or secular venue. Fair warning: After this fiery red-head is done, things will never be the same. Amen. AMEN!

Rev. Dr. Max Jaouen
Sr. Pastor
Lansdale United Methodist Church

Reverend Deborah's strength as a Spiritual Coach lies in her unique ability to deeply listen and hear the real question that I am asking. Responding in a thoughtful and thought-provoking manner, she allows me to grow in my faith, giving me tools that continue my deeper journey, strengthening and re-defining my beliefs and purpose.

Staci K.
Spiritual Coaching Client

Rev. Dr. Deborah Darlington is by far one of the most charismatic and brilliant speakers on matters of the Spirit and the heart that I have ever heard. Her guidance and insight is invaluable and her grounded nature – firmly rooted in her faith – is truly a blessing to behold. Her inspiring messages and sound spiritual guidance set her apart as one of the “movers and shakers” of interfaith ministry today.

Reverend Dr. Grace Telesco
Dean, International Seminary for Interfaith Studies

Reverend Deborah provided the women of our congregation a wonderful retreat weekend that was engaging, fun and inspirational. Deborah has a way of getting you to go deeper than you had anticipated in examining your spiritual life and she does this in an atmosphere of grace, acceptance, and humor. She provides perspectives that move you out of your comfort zone in a way that is non-threatening and results in expanded horizons and new visions that bring you closer to God. We were truly blessed by her spirit and love.

Cindy Scheetz
Chair, Visioning Team
Lansdale United Methodist Church

A workshop or retreat led by Dr. Darlington is an entirely different event. Her deep spirituality, humor, passion and speaking skills cause the time to pass far too quickly. And, with her leadership, creative solutions are developed while relationships deepen. People leave with a renewed sense of purpose, respect and commitment. Dr. Darlington's expertise and dedication help to affirm the individual while moving the team to action that benefits the organization. She is unmatched in her ability to connect me to my team, help me define my vision, identify the strengths and value our diversity.
Under her guidance, people want to be involved in the workshop. There's no one who needs to be coaxed to speak or who sits sullenly in a chair. While she leads with spirit, the group builds an internal dynamic that leads to the successful accomplishment of their goals.
I consider myself very fortunate to have benefited from Deborah's leadership. She has truly made a significant difference in the life of our organization.

Cadence Smith
Rector's Warden
Holy Trinity Episcopal Church