#117 — January, 2022

Forgiveness says you are given another chance to make a new beginning.

— Desmond Tutu

Greetings, Inspired Seekers!

Happy New Year! Welcome to the wonder-full world of rich opportunities for spiritual growth. We stand at this threshold, preparing for our entrance into the sacred space that holds the mystery of our own energetic presence. Here we are, poised on the high-dive board of 2022 that offers lessons, insight and, hopefully, a reclaiming of the glorious life that we have been so generously given as we splash down into a wellspring of new water. No pressure!

We're grounded on a platform that forces us to recognize our own responsibility for hitting our targets and becoming the full, real and honest champion that we are intended to be. Here, in front of us, is the chance to surrender the small-self agenda and stretch into the New Year with a discipline devoid of self-indulgence and free of the illusion of control. So, how do we begin?

Well, perhaps we begin, as with all important things, with questions. Hard, uncomfortable questions. (After all, the party's over and the champagne is finished, right?!)

How do I listen and respond to the song of my soul?
Has the pandemic and the struggle that still ensues finally taught us to move into the larger space of making meaning?
How do I serve the larger world with grace, strength and spiritual authenticity?

None of these questions are easy and none of the answers provide the whole picture, but they are a good start. Perhaps we have finally, and probably with some discomfort, learned that all of our acquisitions — our possessions, our careers, the praise we receive — are not the most important parts of us. They are the stages we travel through, the lower diving boards we climb, in order to arrive at the high-dive board where our real values are on full display. There, in our most vulnerable moments, we ask ourselves, “I'm here. Now, what does this mean?”

Perhaps 2022 will be the year where the waters will part for us, wash over us and allow us to be cleansed of all that the world has us grasping for. Perhaps this is the true surrender; to dive in, trusting in Spirit, opening our eyes to a new world and then, rising to the top, floating on the surface of grace and knowing that our true self is blessedly detached from all except that which is truly valued and holds us up.

I can't wait to swim with you in the New Year! Let's dive in together!

Grace, Always Yours,
Reverend Deborah

Question of the Month: What other questions are you asking of yourself as you enter the New Year? (YES. I really want to know!)

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