#121 — May, 2022

The more you lose yourself in something bigger than yourself, the more energy you will have.

— Norman Vincent Peale

Greetings, Inspirational Seekers!

Throughout our lives, many of us have belonged to groups – sports teams, scouts, fraternities, civic organizations and, yes, houses of worship. Think back to the day you officially joined and became a member of any of these clubs. Chances are, you experienced an initiation of some kind and, in that moment, you understood that you were a part of something bigger than the self. It wasn't all about you! You were about “it.” And, while proud to wear a special jacket, uniform or ring, there was a healthy tension between humility and pride as the realization that you were simply a small part of a greater belonging hit home. (When I was a Girl Scout, a volunteer and, most notably, on my ordination day, I personally came to know this in varying degrees.)

In today's craziness and messiness, what would it take for us all to go back to that moment of knowing? For that major shift in consciousness changes everything. In that moment of grace, we see and are seen differently in and by the world around us. We realize that we are connected to everything and everyone else by a slender thread – slender but strong. It is the pull of the Universe that we refer to as God, Spirit, the Divine or Energy that spins that thread and weaves us into the multi-dimensional pattern of this life. It holds us together and it knits us into all of the holy moments of our experience.

This tight weave of Spirit binds us to the here and now and to our completeness. When we understand that connection, that power, that sacred fabric, we finally understand that we have all that we need right now, right here, if we are open to receiving it. The only thing holding us back is the resistance of ego, telling us that we alone can do everything, that we alone are the center. Instead of opening us to the experiences that are afforded to us, the ego blocks them and diminishes our surroundings.

How often do we hear ourselves cry out, “I want. I need. Look what I did?” How often does resentment, jealousy, perfectionism and grudges of the past frame our lives and our choices, fraying us at the edges? We chase false happiness instead of developing inner joy.

Yes, let's let go of the cloak that no longer fits. Let's remember that first sensation of belonging to that which is larger than we are; for then we become a willing, eager and engaged participant in the fabulous mystery that we enter into each day. With pride and humility, in perfect balance. It's a great fit!

Grace, Always Yours,
Reverend Deborah

Question of the Month: How am I connected to that which is larger than I am?

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