GraceNotes: Holding the Space for … Reflection

#94 — February 1, 2020

Sometimes, supporting someone in the messiness of life means helping them realize that they know more than they think they do!

— The Reverend Deborah Darlington

Greetings, Inspired Seekers!

Life is messy – and filled with apparent opposites. But if we can see from the perspective of the interconnection of all the opposites we face, a mosaic of a life of patterns, framed by the grace of our Source, begins to emerge.

Let that sink in for a moment.

The joys and sorrows, the given and the taken, the questions and the answers, the delicious and the disgusting – all can be seen as moments of holy Presence. In these moments – all of them – if we really experience them, we can receive lessons of grit and grace. One of my favorite combinations of life!

No, it's not easy and I struggle through the pain like all of us. But I am learning that spiritual maturity requires trust, faith and a grounding in the interconnectivity of all. And as we mature, the lessons become more rigorous.

So, sit. Pray. Meditate. Chant. Whatever your tradition is and wherever it takes you, stay awake. Embrace the lessons and grow.

For the time will come when Spirit will use you as a sacrament to help and to heal others on their journey. And what a glorious gift that will be!

Grace – fully yours,
Reverend Deborah

Monthly Affirmation: I am open to the messiness of life and all of the lessons it teaches me.

The Reverend Dr. Deborah supports seekers of all traditions as they wade through the messiness. She can be reached at or 215 260 1611.