GraceNotes: Holding the Space for … Reflection

#86 — June 1, 2019

I sleep but my heart is awake.

— The Song of Songs

Greetings, Inspired Seekers!

I have been thinking a lot about prayer lately and every belief system has some form of prayer. Perhaps it is walking along the seashore at this time of year or the time spent in my meditation garden; the closer to nature I am, the closer to my prayer life I am. Even in my meditation room on rainy days, I am centered. The energy is different, balanced, replete with serenity, blanketed in a palpable grace. I hope you have a space such as this, a place for you to rebalance and find the fulcrum point in your life, a true SpaceForGrace.

A dear friend was visiting recently and as she entered the meditation room she shared with me that she could feel a change in the energy and the space. Presence was sensed. It always warms my heart when others experience the touch of Spirit in this room and leave a bit of their essence when they leave. We all help to balance each other, through this grace.

Summer is a time of shifting, a time when we both withdraw a bit from business as usual while simultaneously adding other activities to our lives. The push-pull of stepping back and stepping into is a delicate balance of a summer dance.

We remain in the world, experiencing the chaos, suffering and challenges while, at the same time, retreating to the slower space of beaches and parks, sunshine and gardens of splendor. Balance. Finding that centered place to stand and, in that standing, prayer flows from every pore touched by that sunlight.

This is a time for shifting, for changing up how we receive the world and reflect back to it. A time to step into a different space and detach from that which is routine. The shifting creates capacity; a chance to change the conversation and, perhaps, the world – at least our corner of it. To hold something more.

Thriving in the midst of ambiguity takes us to a different level of living. That centered place to stand allows us the gift of activity and rest, reflection and action, experience and detachment. Prayer lives in the in-between spaces; calling out to the Divine and resting in silence to listen; ensuring that we are following the Holy One and not our ego.

When the flow of prayer and life is balanced, each feeds the other and the flow is uninterrupted; we cannot be sure which is feeding which or where one begins and the other ends. The fulcrum point, the centered place to stand, is creating the spiritual center itself. We dance better in this space, we flow with it and in that flow, prayer turns into life itself.

May this summer bring forth prayer as blossoms, and may your life explode with beautiful blooms that envelop the world!

Grace-Fully Yours,
Reverend Deborah

Monthly Affirmation: I stand in my centering space and my life is a prayer.

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