GraceNotes: Holding the Space for … Reflection

#47 — March 1, 2016

The suchness of each moment is the infinite mercy of God.

— Paul Knitter

Greetings, Inspired Seekers:

Nothing forces me into “just being” more than when I am under the weather and, in spite of the mild winter we have had here in the North East, I am in the middle of my second cold/sore throat/sinus infection of the season. Yuk!

But, if I am to believe my own words and trust that within each challenge there is a lesson, then look for the lesson I must. And these days I am doing that, tissues in hand. And, mostly, in silence. Yuk!

My season of sickness-induced silence coincides with the reflections of the Lenten Season that is celebrated by Christians, the quiet time of winter restoration celebrated by the Earth traditions and, of course, is always in alignment with the Buddhist practice of Mindfulness. What season are you celebrating these days? What reflections are you ruminating upon?

Contemplation is not easy when the news is filled with the spewing of vitriol in early political campaigns, and the screens and pages are filled with the suffering of people the world over. But, I feel it is, indeed, a time when we need to put our egos aside and deeply reflect on what our place is in this world and what we bring to the table. Can we be moved to action by compassion, wisdom and mercy rather than by the needs of the small self? If I want peace, I need to be peace. If I want compassion, I need to be compassion. All of the faith traditions proffer this thought in their own languages and their own ways.

But, as the saying goes, it is easier said than done. The world wants us to continue multi-tasking in spite of the fact that science has determined we are not wired that way. It seems that we need training in being and in silence, in stillness and in knowing, rather than in doing.

So, when the Lenten Season has passed, when winter unfolds into spring, when our colds and sore throats have healed, what will guide us into the quiet? Perhaps it is the knowing that in the stillness, there is peace. And in that peace, lies peace for all of us. And that is mercy and Grace.

Grace-Fully Yours,
Reverend Deborah

Monthly Affirmation: Today, I sit in the stillness and listen for the voice of peace.

The Reverend Dr. Deborah Darlington is a seminary trained Interfaith Minister who supports people of all faiths and helps them in their contemplative times. She can be reached at 215 260 1611 or at