GraceNotes: Holding the Space for … Reflection

#107 — March 1, 2021

Opening your heart, you become accepted.

— Lao Tzu

Welcome, Inspired Seekers:

I have been revisiting the Tao Te Ching – the holy book of Taoism I was introduced to in seminary. I was curiously attracted to it then and I remain so today, perhaps because of its inclusive nature and the fact that, like life, it flows. The beliefs of this tradition are mirrored in its holy words.

I suppose another reason for its attraction is the belief in the balance between opposites and how it welcomes ambiguity with open arms and an open heart. Couldn't we use more of that these days? Action AND reflection, strength AND softness, the ebb and flow of all things have been a part of my belief system as they are in Taoism. Our life is both the journey AND the destination; there is no either/or, there is only both/and.

Perhaps we would benefit from this ancient tradition in our 21st Century. Taoism is both fluid and inclusive in its concepts. Life or “The Way” holds all within it – nature, sentient and still beings, the cosmos – everything is included. As such, differing opinions and beliefs are welcomed in The Way. Seen as elements of both/and, ambiguity is simply a part of life to be embraced rather than repelled, to be explored and studied.

Rather than seeking to quash, to stretch out, to reach beyond or to control, perhaps we could look deeply into life as it exists in the here and now. Perhaps we could live in the reality of the present moment. Living in this present moment does not mean to acquiesce but, rather, to examine the flow deeply and recognize our role in it. The Tao, The Way, life itself flows without limits and through all of the changes that unfold. Within the unfolding lives our faith's wisdom. Imagine the possibilities if we could awaken that wisdom! That Divine spark lives within each of us, ready to be reignited, all along The Way! Ready for the next spring.

Grace, Fully Yours,
Reverend Deborah

Monthly Affirmation: Wisdom shows me The Way.

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